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Updated: Jan 17, 2023

This is a little (late) post about my lovely clients, Divya and Niyam; with the cutest hashtag coined by yours truly!

I had an absolute blast covering their wedding. It was an intimate one because well, Covid.

Divya had booked me for the wedding and pellikuthuru, and during these two days I got to know her and her family, teased her with them, and laughed nonstop!

In every wedding, us photographers tend to see a lot of emotions. They may be termed as similar ones, but every story, every person makes me feel something unique.. because they feel something unique. There aren't enough words in the vocabulary to capture the exact degree to which a person is feeling an emotion. As a matter of fact, i don't think we have discovered all the emotions yet. It sounds like a cliché but its the truth. So during Divya's rituals, I saw happiness, the excitement, the leg pulling, mummy ke "happy tears", dadi ki laad, papa ka enthusiasm and so many more.

This wedding is a love story between a Telugu girl and a Gujarati boy and after years of being in love, they finally decided to get hitched.

What did I love about them?

I absolutely loved how simple they were and how they reflected that in the wedding.

I remember wanting to take a few pictures of them before they had to get ready for the wedding, and both of them were really camera conscious. But how cutely Niyam would tickle her to make her laugh, or talk about something that would make her relaxed was adorable to say the least. These are the kind of photos I love capturing. Because they don't realize it but it shows the true essence of them as a couple, their relationship, their love.

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