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Top 5 Wedding Planners in Banglore

Wedding planning is booming business across India. There are many talent wedding planners in every city. It’s a same case with Banglore the city is home to some great wedding planning companies. Here are some of them which have caught our eye.

1. MyShaadiWale:

They specialize in working within the budget. They have many offices across the country. They are a great choice for any couple looking to have a destination wedding.

2. Aira Wedding Planners:

They specialize in total wedding planning which means the families of the bride and the groom can hand things over to them and relax. They will take care of every event from the start to the end.

3. Shubh Muhurath Eventz:

They are known to be the best wedding planning company in Banglore. Their speciality is providing round clock assistance and if you are looking for a wedding planner who can provide you with different entertainment options you should definitely look into their services.

4. Pratha Weddings:

This wedding planning company is run by a real-life couple who are

also investment bankers. They bring their unique organizational

skills to this industry.

5. The Show Makers:

They are a new organization who known to conduct themselves very professionally. They offer great packages if you are looking to have a grand wedding then they are the best choice.

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