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5 Places around Bangalore for a great pre-wedding photoshoot

1. Nandi Hills:

Nandi hills is around 70 kms away from Bangalore. It has a variety of spots which cover lush greenery, nandi caves and Tipu sultan’s fort. It is the most coveted spot for early morning shoots. The Bhoga Nandeeshwara temple adds to the beauty of this spot and gives you a chance to visit a holy place while having a fun photoshoot.

2. Elements Resort:

Elements resort is one of the most sought after locations for pre wedding photoshoot around Bangalore. It has hourly packages and a flurry of different kinds of locations where you can get some amazing pictures with your partner. To add to this it has beautiful lawns and is full of lush greenery where ever you see.

3. Innovative film studio:

Innovative film studio is one of the most famous locations for a photoshoot around Bangalore. It has a variety of spots for different kinds of photos. It has the kind of attractions which can be used to come up with some innovative pictures during the photoshoot.

4. Guhantara Resort:

Guhantara resort is India’s first underground cave resort. It has a serene vibe and is a beautiful place to have your pre wedding photoshoot. It gives you the of a proper cave without compromising on luxury. It is a unique place which can give you some amazing photographs.

5. ITC Windsor:

ITC Windsor is a luxurious 5 star hotel which is beautifully constructed. It has some really good spots to do your pre wedding photoshoot. Each part of this luxurious manor is more beautiful than the other. Any good photographer can come up with some beautifully crafted pictures for you and your special one in this magical place.

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