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5 Places in India for your perfect destination wedding.

India is full of great places to have a destination wedding. Destination wedding in India is for everyone because there are a variety of places which range from premium high end destinations to budget friendly destinations. Most modern couples are leaning towards the idea of having a destination wedding due to the increased affordability. Here are some places which are regarded as some of the best places to have a destination wedding in India.

1. Goa :

Goa is one of the most famous vacation spots in our country. It also has all the makings of an excellent destination for your dream wedding. There are a number of high end and budget friendly resorts all around the state. You can take your pick based on your favorite beach and have a beautiful wedding by the seaside. It all blends in

2. Udaipur :

Udaipur might just be the most coveted destination for most of the couples in our country. It is known as the blue city. It is famous for its amazing forts and lakes. It said that no matter where you are in the city it feels like you are looking at an amazing painting. Imagine all the great wedding pictures that can be captured when it is in a place like Udaipur.

3. Mussoorie :

This hill station in Uttarakhand makes for a dream wedding destination if you are someone who likes hills and nature. It is surrounded by beautiful forests and the mighty Himalaya’s. This pristine location has many charms but the most important one is the amazing backdrop you get.

People describe this location to be heavenly because of the height at which it is located.

4. Alibaug :

Located near a 100 kms away from Mumbai, Alibaug has a number of well-known beaches and ancient forts. Just offshore 17th century Kolaba fort has carvings of tigers and elephants. To the south, Portuguese built Korlai fort which includes a lighthouse.

5. Ooty :

Ooty is a resort town in the western ghats of southern India. It was originally founded as a British raj summer resort. It is a picturesque hill station that is situated in the Nilgiri hills. Ooty is known as the queen of hill stations because of its mesmerizing atmosphere and great views.

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