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5 types of pictures you should have in your wedding album

1. The wedding dress portraits:

An elegant portrait of the bride and the groom in their wedding dress is a must have picture. It perfectly captures the magic of the wedding day. These pictures will be a symbol of their love in the future.

2. Pre-wedding photos:

Pre-wedding photos are an important aspect to cover in your wedding album. They are viewed as the start of your beautiful journey with your partner.

3. Reception photo shoot:

While the camera is focused on close family members and the new couple on marriage day reception is an opportunity to capture the bride and the groom with their close friends and other extended family members.

4. At venue pictures:

There are a large number of beautiful wedding venues available and the photographer can use this to create some amazing memories for the bride and the groom. These pictures will remind the couple in the future of their beautiful wedding venue.

5. Pictures with close family:

It doesn’t matter if it’s the wedding day or the reception day pictures with close family are important for every occasion. These pictures capture the happiness of the families and stay with them for generations.

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