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Best wedding venues in Bangalore

The city of Bangalore has some of the best wedding venues in our country. Still some venues standout more than the others. Here are some of the best venues in Bangalore which we thought were unique.

1. Ritz Carlton Bangalore:

Ritz Carlton hotel in Bangalore is one the most elegant locations for your dream wedding. You will have an enthralling wedding experience here. It is known for its best in class service.

2. ITC Gardenia:

ITC Gardenia is a unique venue. It gives you a luxurious wedding experience at the same time it makes you go back in time with its great ambience. This blissful venue makes the most special moments in our lives even more special.

3. JW Marriott Hotel Bangalore:

It is one of the most well designed and sophisticated wedding venues in and around Bangalore. It is well connected as it is located in the middle of the city and the venue is spacious enough for a huge number of guests.

4. Shibravyi Courtyard:

Shibravyi courtyard is one of the most coveted locations for a dream wedding. It’s a versatile location, it is a courtyard home with terracotta tiled pavilions. Surrounded by greenery and beautiful gardens this venue is sure to attract a large number of couples who want to have their dream wedding here.

5. White petals :

White petals palace ground is a big outdoor venue. It is the kind of venue which can styled any way the bride and groom want. It has well maintained gardens and a spacious seating area. All these factors contribute to a great wedding ambience.

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